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  • Support all legislative measures that will give people access to free medical assistances, such as the Universal Health Care Bill, with end goal of attaining zero-billing for patients.
  • Establish Malasakit Centers in every province and big chartered city with increased hospital bed capacities, available medicines and equipment. The Malasakit Center will complement the UHC program.
  • Increase salaries of nurses so that they will no more go abroad.
  • Make the positions of Barangay Health Workers as mandatory and improve their benefits as they are our frontliners in the delivery of quality primary health care.
  • Provide free medicines and provide better health care for senior citizens.
  • Establish more health stations (1 station per 5,000 people), rural health units (1 RHU per 20,000 people) and city health centers in the country, equipped with enough supply of basic medicines, personnel and equipment.

  • Establish TienDA Malasakit Stores in key cities for fresh and cheaper food commodities.
  • Provide easy access for farmers and fisherfolk to farm and fishery inputs, such as machineries, fertilizers, seeds, irrigation and low-interest credit, etc., to increase their productivity.
  • Provide free business and skills trainings (agri-preneurship) to farmers and fisherfolk and their families to further increase their income.
  • Give more incentives to children of farmers, such as better scholarship grants and other incentives, to encourage them to continue farming.
  • Establish a national Farmers’ and Fishers’ Pension Fund to provide financial security to farmers and fishers who are too old to work. The program may be initially funded by tariffs and duties from agricultural imports.
  • Include Barangay Agriculture subject in the curriculum of elementary and secondary school students.

  • Establish more rehabilitation and reformation centers nationwide.
  • Strengthen PDEA with bigger budget for wider operations, better equipment and personnel safety trainings.
  • Amend the Juvenile Justice Law so that minors will not be used by criminal syndicates, especially as drug couriers.
  • Study the need to impose death penalty, particularly on heinous crimes involving illegal drugs.

  • Construct safe, permanent and dedicated evacuation centers, particularly in calamity-prone areas, equipped with complete emergency packs and supplies. Schools and any multi-purpose buildings should no longer be used as temporary evacuation centers.
  • Establish relocation sites modeled after townships---complete with basic facilities, such as markets, terminals, health center, day care center and even livelihood assistance centers—before allowing people to settle in. One in every five people in Metro Manila is an informal settler.
  • Strengthen the National Housing Authority with bigger budget to better respond to growing demands for quality and cheap housing.

  • Increase the salaries of teacher.
  • Increase the budget of the Department of Education in the annual General Appropriations Act for the provision of free uniforms, school supplies and other equipment in public elementary and secondary schools nationwide. Our target is not only to have more kids going to school but also more students graduating with quality education.
  • Amend the Local Government Code of 1991 to allow LGUs to use their respective Special Education Fund for the purchase of uniforms, school supplies and equipment.
  • Create the Bureau of Private Schools to help improve quality of education provided by private educational institutions.
  • Review the Continuing Professional Development Law; improving the skills and knowledge of professions should not be burden on their part.
  • Strengthen further the Alternative Learning System by increasing the annual budget of DepEd for the provision of school supplies, equipment and other support to poor ALS students as well as assistance to ALS facilitators considering that 70% of them do not have complete copies of ALS learning modules, etc. Explore possible solutions to address the low enrollment rate in ALS and high drop-rate.

  • Establish sports and youth development centers in every LGU nationwide to help fight criminality, corruption and illegal drugs. In addition to free sports trainings and equipment, young people will also be offered free mentorship on entrepreneurship, etc.
  • Strengthen grassroots sports development program.
  • Conduct annual national sports caravan to improve national athletes pool.
  • Widen coverage and increase the incentives for sports competition not presently covered by law.

  • Study need to possibly impose higher penalties for all corruption-related crimes.
  • Study how to further improve the government procurement law to make the government more responsive and efficient, avoiding wastage in the use of public funds.
  • Provide venues for citizen participation so that the private sector can be part of the anti- corruption drive. Provide more incentives to those who report observed corrupt activities. PACC & SAP established the TRUTH & JUSTICE COALITION to deputize private sector leaders to fight corruption.

  • Support all mechanisms for LGUs to pursue localized peace talks in conflict areas, pursuant to the Executive Order issued by the President creating the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict and institutionalizing the “Whole-of-Nation Approach” as government policy in attaining inclusive and sustainable peace.
  • Pass measures that will improve all assistances given by the government for rebel returnees, such as bigger livelihood cash assistances with necessary training, housing, farming lots, easier livelihood credit access, medical care and education support for their children, among others.

  • Review fire safety and prevention measures through more intense fire prevention awareness drive, particularly in informal settlements where accidental fire incidents take place more often.
  • Establish safe, permanent and dedicated evacuation centers with sufficient emergency supplies, such as blankets, water, medicines, flashlight, etc.

  • Create a separate Department for OFWs for better coordination among related agencies, shorter reaction time for OFWs in distress and improved services in handling all OFW concerns, including re-integration programs for those who wish to go back to the Philippines.
  • PRRD called for faster airport transactions for OFWs whose welfare is one of the top priorities of the administration. This also includes elimination of human contact between arriving/departing OFWs and government personnel at the airport. BOI installed 18 electronic gates in three international airports in the country, as of Dec. 5, 2018. Passport holders need not line up in front of immigration counters.

  • Push for the enactment of the Magna Carta for barangay officials that will provide them additional benefits and social protection, among others. Study possibility of extending the regular term to four years.
  • Other benefits that may also be granted to barangay officials, including Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) officials, are the following: Creation of mandatory positions for the Barangay Health Workers and grant of better benefits for them. Improve the benefits given to barangay officials (Punong Barangay, barangay kagawads, barangay secretary, barangay treasurer and SK chair). Presently, they only receive honoraria and some benefits, but are not entitled to salary, hazard pay, Representation and Transportation Allowance (RATA), Personnel Economic Relief Allowance (PERA), Productivity Incentive Bonus (PIB), Clothing Allowance and 13th month pay. Lift the limit on the maximum number of barangay tanods to be appointed per barangay, now presently fixed at 20 tanods only. Barangays with bigger area and/or with higher crime incidence should be allowed to appoint additional tanods. Push for the grant of honoraria to other SK officials. Only the SK Chair is presently allowed to receive the same. Explore other monetary and non-monetary benefits for all barangay officials.

  • Create the National Senior Citizens Commission that will (a) implement all laws, policies and programs for the senior citizens; (b) supervise all the Offices of Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCAs) in LGUs; (c) hear and decide cases and complaints filed by senior citizens; and (d) establish programs that will fully protect the rights and enhance the welfare of the senior citizens, among others.
  • Enact a law that will provide FREE medicines to all senior citizens, instead of the current 20% discount only. In order to unburden the senior citizens, their monthly medicine supply may be delivered by the BHWs to their respective residences.
  • Increase the amount of the Social Pension Fund by adding more funds to the DSWD budget under the General Appropriations Fund. The amount may be delivered door-to-door by local DSWD personnel. Simplify the criteria to be qualified as an indigent senior citizen by simply defining them as “those without permanent sources of income or other assistance”, and removing the “frail, sickly or with disability” requirement. This will allow more senior citizens to be covered by the Social Pension Fund.

  • Strengthening the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) through: Upgrading in the rank of reclassification similar to PNP and restructuring of the BJMP, requiring the passage of a new law on the matter. Presently, the BJMP Chief is 2 star while the PNP Chief has a 4-star rank. BJMP take over of the provincial and sub-provincial jails which are presently controlled by provincial governments. If done, prisoners will be properly classified and several intervention programs will be undertaken for the prisoners to become productive citizens upon reintegration into mainstream society. This requires an amendment to RA No. 6975 (Department of the Interior and Local Government Act of 1990). Inclusion of BJMP personnel in Killed-in-Action (KIA) and Wounded-in-Action (WIA) benefits by revisiting the Comprehensive Social Benefits Program of the Office of the President (OP).
  • Champion the cause of the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to increase the income of ordinary Filipinos, such as provision of more free business trainings, easier credit access with low interests and shared manufacturing machineries, etc.
  • Promote local industries, such as Marikina shoes, to increase income of local communities.
  • Increase budget of PNP and AFP for the hiring of more police and military lawyers to provide adequate legal support to their personnel facing cases in the performance of their duties. Enhance further existing programs to provide pro-active measures to prevent these personnel from being accused due to lapse of judgment and non-compliance with operations guidelines.
  • Study further how to improve the quality of life through: Tie up between Malasakit Centers and DOLE/DTI for possible employment and livelihood assistance for qualified patients or their immediate family members. Inclusion of Malasakit Center patients and their family to the 4Ps program of DSWD, subject to prequalifying guidelines. Assistance to GSIS members and non-members. Establish pre-screening process to avoid offloading of OFWs. Under the expanded concept of Malasakit, getting services from the government should not be a burden. Malasakit concept is about making it easier for people to avail services from the government.

  • Inflation rate for the month of November dropped to 6% from the nine-year high 6.7%. Year-todate inflation (January to November 2018) is now at 5.2%, well within the government’s target of 4.8% to 5.2% for the whole of 2018. Decrease is largely due to government’s counterinflationary measures, such as unimpeded rice importation and Rice Tariffication Bill certified by PRRD as urgent.
  • Increased government investment in farm mechanization and adoption of latest technology in crop management, including use of high-yielding and resilient crops, should increase agricultural productivity of farmers, eventually leading to more stable food supply and cheaper food commodities.


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